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This is an alphabetical list of Amplifer manufacturers. Most all the majors are online and a
good many smaller custom companies. Click on the letter below to go directly to that section.

If you've been trying to date your amp check out the "Serial Page". Hopefully you will find some info there that can aid you in your search.

Table of Contents


Ampeg - Guitar & Bass amps.
Andrews Amp Lab - Custom Made amps and modifications.
Aguilar Amplification - Bass amps.
Art Guitars - Instruments and amps with unforgettable looks.
A.R.T. - Preamps and a whole lot more.
AshDown Amplification - Guitar and Bass amps, preamps, cabinets, power amps.
Audio Brothers - Handmade guitar amplifiers.

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Barchetta Valve Amp - Custom built tube amps for guitar.
Budda Amplification - Tube heads, combos and cabinets. Made in US.

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Cage - Tube heads and combos built to "military audiophile" standards.
Carvin - Guitar & Bass amps. Tube, solid state, heads/combos.
Carver - Rack mount power amps.
Clark Amplification - Fender tweed era replicas.
Cornford Amplification - Tube amps & speaker cabinets, Made In UK.
Conrad Johnson - Tube power amps & preamps.
Crate - Guitar & Bass amps. Tube, solid state, combos/heads/cabinets.
Cruz Amplification - Hand wired tube amps.
CTech - Pocket rockit headphone amplifiers.

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Daedalus Music - Custom made hardwood speaker cabinets.
Dr. Z Amplification - Cutom made tube amplifiers.
Demeter Amps - Bass tube preamps, tube guitar amps, tube power amps.

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Edward Amplification - Tube heads and combos.

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Fender - Over 50 years of industry sound shaping.
Fishman - Makers of the "Loudbox" acoustic amp. Also Fishman pickups & preamps.
Frederic Custom Amp - Custom amps built to order.
Frudua Bass Amplification - Boutique bass amp heads/combos/cabinets.

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Gallien Krueger - Bass amps and cabinets.
Genz Benz - Preamps, amps.
Gorilla - Practice amps by the same company that makes pignose. custom hand-built electric and hybrid guitars and basses .
Green Matamp - Made in North England by Dave Green and Jeff Lewis Matamp.

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Harmony Guitar Company - Guitars & Amps.
Harry Joyce - Hand made USA Tube Amps.
Hartke - Bass amps, Samson wireless and Zoom effects.
HiWatt - Tube and Solid State amps. Since 1964.
Hughes & Kettner - Tube & Solid state amps for guitar and bass.
Hullett Amps - Amps and kits.

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Johnson Amplification - Combos with built in digital effects.

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Kendrick Amplifiers and Guitars - Tube amps with custom cabinets by Gerald Weber.
Koch - Tube heads, combos, preamps and cabinets.
Kustom - Guitar & Bass amps , poweramps.

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Laney - Amps for any situation. Acoustic, hardcore, combos, tube, transistor.
Lee Jackson - Tube heads & combos, bass cabinets.
Line 6 Guitar Amps - Combos & Preamps.

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Marshall - The rock classic.
Mesa Boogie - Tube heads and combos with class.
Mills Acoustics - Hand Made speaker cabinets.
Motion Sound - Emulating the vibrations of the guitar body. Also rotary keyboard amps.

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Orange - Legendary British guitar amps.

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Peavey - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard tube & solid state.
Pignose - Portable battery powered mini amps.
Porta Amp - Fully rechargeable amplifier for electric guitar & other instruments.
Pritchard Amps - Mostly combos for guitar & bass.

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Rhino Guitar amps - Tube heads, combos and cabinets.
Rivera - Tube heads, combos, rack systems and cabinets.
Rocktron - Tube & Solid state amps, preamps, effects, stompboxes.
Roland - Makers of the famous Jazz Chorus combos.

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Siegmund Guitars - Custom made tube amps and guitars.
Soldano - Tube amps and preamps.
Sovtek - Tube Heads & Electro Harmonics combos.
Standel - Boutique Amps since 1953.
SWR - Bass heads and combo amps.

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Tech 21 - Guitar amps, Bass amps, Sans Amp, Effects.
Torque Amplification - Small combo amps. Distributor only page.
Trace Elliot - Guitar, Bass, Acoustic and Keyboard amps.
Tubeworks - Preamps/amps.

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Vero Amps - Dedicated to combining fine furniture craftsmanship and high quality tube guitar amps.
Vox - Legendary guitar amplification.

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Warwick - Bass amps.

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Yamaha - Solid state combos/heads/cabinets.

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